Stop parking like that

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Needs a shave?

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A H Reed Kauri Bush Walk

Back in the old home town of Whangarei. Been for a wander through the A H Reed Kauri Bush Reserve. The coolest spot in town in this sort of weather.

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The Northern Bank of the Clutha River

A mostly gravel track from Beaumont, near Lawrence, to Millers Flat near Roxburgh. A narrow bridge limits the size of vehicles as they say it is 1.9 meters wide, but if you are careful, you can get through if you are 2.2 meters like me.

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Worth Repeating

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Tuapeka Mouth Ferry

About 50 kms east of Gore is Tuapeka Mouth, where the Tuapeka River Joins the Clutha River. The Clutha is one of those rivers where you can just sit and watch the endless, raw power. None of this braided river stuff.

There is a ferry, open to the public from 8am till 10am and 4pm till 6pm. It is free. There are two wire ropes strung across the river. Two hulls with decking between them are strung off these wire ropes. Terry, the ferryman, angles the punts to the flow of the river and they act like a sail in the wind and the ferry crosses the Clutha without the use of an engine.

He then reverses the angle of the hulls and returns across to the starting side. Simple, cheap to run and fascinating. Tuapeka Mouth is a village that has seen better times. The school is closed but still well maintained. The old Presbyterian Church is available as a motorhome park for $5 per person per night.

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