Opito Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

A few shots taken at New Zealand’s Opito Bay, 13 kms north east of Kerikeri in Northland. Taken early in the morning from Tareha Pa, the views look out over the Bay of Islands, Te Puna Inlet, Cape Brett and the Kerikeri Inlet.

Along the track there are the remnants of the trench fortifications that protected the Pa site at the end of the headland. This Pa would have had a very good view out over the Bay of Island and would have given early warning to the locals if anyone was sneaking up on them. It was also a good defensive site as on two sides there were very steep cliffs and the only other approach was easily guarded as the headland was narrow at this point.

Corner Creek to Ngawi

A trip from Corner Creek around the coast past Putangirua Pinnacles to the fishing village of Ngawi. Ngawi has more bulldozers per head of population than anywhere in the world. This is due to the rough seas and the soft gravel beach on Wellington’s south coast.

A H Reed Memorial Park

A H Reed Memorial Kauri Park in Whangarei has beautiful mature Kauri trees. It is a haven that is within a short walk of the car park. Very peaceful. Well worth a look.

Poolburn Reservoir or Dam

My trip to Poolburn Reservoir, which was on the old website, but not on this one. Lots of interesting rock formations or Tors as they are known. Made of schist rock. Well-know “Lord of the rings” filming spot.

Nice Place to be Buried

Discover this cemetery at Tararu.

Stayed the night at Tararu about 4 kms north from Thames. It is right on the waters edge and I noticed a cemetery up on the hill that I had not seen on previous visits. It is the oldest cemetery in Thames and is well maintained by a volunteer.

Access is restricted to climbing the stairs as slips have taken out the road. Would be an excellent place for your remains to spend some time after you died.