This looks interesting – need a camper van version though

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The stress of life on the road is getting to me

Followed the northern side of the Clutha river from Millers Flat to Beaumont. Pretty narrow road right from the start. Then a sign said narrow bridge 5 Km ahead. Max width 1.8 meters. Got out my measuring tape and the bus was 2.1 meters wide, not including mirrors. Thought they are always conservative about these things, so why not?

Got to narrow bridge and it had two bends in it which caused some of the problems. Drove on to it and very slowly idled across. No sweat.

The road got interesting then, single lane, very very few places to pass and a grass strip in the middle. Always a good sign that not a lot of people gone before.

Found spot by the Clutha to park and watch the sun go down. Moved on to Gabriel’s Gully the next day. The sun went down there too and had to watch it in case something went wrong. Sigh.

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Poolburn Reservoir

Poolburn reservoir is the most magical place.

Full screen and 1080p if you’ve got it.

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Waihao Box

Spent some time at Waihao Box, so called because of a large wooden box that extends through a large and high shingle bank at the end of the Waihao River. This bank prevents the Waihao River reaching the sea. This bank diverts the river so that it runs several kilometres up the coast before ending in the Wainono Lagoon wetlands. There is no permanent mouth to the river.

The box was put in in 1896 as a way of letting flood waters out of the river and stop the surrounding farmland from flooding. It was replaced in 1910 and has had running repairs ever since. The shingle bank can be dangerous as the water permeates through it and the stones tend to act like wet sand. A young boy was killed when the shingle bank started sliding and engulfed him.

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