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Baby snake, baby sitter

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Phobos’s scared face

Phobos is the larger and closer of the two natural satellites of Mars. With a mean radius of 11.1 km, Phobos is 7.24 times as massive as the second moon Deimos. It is named after the Greek god Phobos, a … Continue reading

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Should wear your glasses

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Kaiaua again

Have reached the start of the North. Kaiaua morning, the sea and the sky blend together in such a wonderful way.

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Leaving the South Island

Left Kowhai Bush and drove the remaining 70 kms to Blenheim. Had coffee and a leisurely stroll around town. Decided I would go on to Picton after lunch. Got there at 1.50 and went to the booking office for the … Continue reading

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Phil does it again

Prince Philip to a Filipino nurse: “The Philippines must be half empty – you’re all here running the NHS.” original here

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