Tukino Ski-field Road and The Rangipo Desert, off Desert Road

The Road to the Tukino ski-field off the desert Road. Very unusual landscapes and stunning views of Mts Ruapehu and Ngaurohoe. There is a minimalist DOC camp halfway up this road with absolutly no facilities, but wonderful place to stay a night.

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  1. Thank you Harvey, I’ve driven past the Tukino Access Rd several times and wondered what it was like. By the look of it though, I wouldn’t attempt to take my little car up there. So it was great tosee the views from your perspective!

    1. Hi Ruth, the state of the road varies, the last time I was there there were such large pools of water lying there that I did not bother going any further. When the road has been maintained it is quite passable by most vehicles, but there is a sign saying “4 wheel drive only from this point forward” which is where parking and camping is possible .

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