A grey afternoon in wellington

Sitting on the water front in Oriental Bay, just escaped from the car park at Te Papa where I went so I could park up and see some of the city. Drove in thinking there would be some easy parking, but it was so confined, and I ended up in a dead end, once I got in I had no chance of getting out without collecting a car or two along the way. So went to Te Papa. It was worse than worse, a wankfest by a drugcrazed architect and a new age educationalist. Kids having plenty of fun but for an old fellow like me it was boring. Went and sat in the bus in the car park, there was a practise fire alarm and the whole building was evacuated. I sat in the bus watching it all, feeling pleased with myself for avoiding the marshalling of citizens by the numerous men in yellow jackets. A few people decided they had had enough and after the drill and started to drive off. Luckily my opposite number across the parking bay left early and I was able to back into his space and turn around and get out.

Wellington so far has been beautiful weather-wise, warm sunny, not too much wind. This morning was extra special when I walked to the seal colony. I left Owhiro Bay, which had been glorious, and Wellington became grey and cold. Ferry sailing tomorrow at 1:30 so will stay at the Evans Bay yacht club tonight as it is handy to the Bluebridge ferry terminal.

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