Assassin Bug

This bug wanders around, catches its prey, sucks them dry and then places them on its back as a decoration. Why?

The carcasses function as armour, makes the bug smell different and also camouflages the outline of its body. Also if a gecko were to grab the bug it would end up with mouthful of nasty tasting empty carcasses.

Has a wonderfully dangerous looking “beak” or hardened rostrum for plunging into its prey. This peels back once inside the insect and exposes the mouth parts and injects a toxin.

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3 Responses to Assassin Bug

  1. Hi

    Jenny here, I really didn’t need to see that! Probably have nightmares now.

  2. Harvey says:

    Hi jenny, probably not a good idea to count bugs if you can’t sleep then. Increased the security on the site and it seems to be running happily now. That was a relief, certainly was a learning curve for me. I see you are heading for Wanganui, hope all goes well and you get your share of sunshine.



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