Attack of the Killer Bananas

Or why we should stop worrying and get on with our lives and stop listening to the Main Stream Media

All bananas contain potassium
Some portion of potassium is always radioactive, thus bananas contain some radioactivity. This gets into the human body as we digest the lovely fruit
From this we can calculate the BED, the banana equivalent dose
Thus we can use the banana equivalent, BED, to measure the radiation leaking from Fukushima
According to the MSM, Fuyushima has just started leaking water into the Pacific again.

Radioactive Fukushma groundwater rises above barrier – Up to 40 trillion becquerels released into Pacific ocean so far – Storage for radioactive water running out.

Sounds bad, that is a lot of becquerels.
No it isn’t. This is actually around and about the amount of radiation the plant was allowed to dump into the environment before the disaster.

Now back to the bananas

World production of them is some 145 million tonnes a year. There’s a thousand kilos in a tonne, say a banana is 100 grammes (sounds about right, four bananas to the pound, ten to the kilo) or 1.45 trillion bananas a year eaten around the world. Divide again by 365 and 24 to get the hourly consumption rate and we get 165 million bananas consumed per hour.

The current leak (at Fukushima ) is just under half that exposure that we all get from the global consumption of bananas. Except even that’s overstating it. For the banana consumption does indeed get into our bodies: the Fukushima leak is getting into the Pacific Ocean where it’s obviously far less dangerous. And don’t forget that all that radiation in the bananas ends up in the oceans as well, given that we do in fact urinate it out and no, it’s not something that the sewage treatment plants particularly keep out of the rivers.

Or even, given that there are only about 2,500 coal plants in the world, Fukushima is, in this disaster, pumping out around one quarter of the radiation that one coal plant does in normal operation.

You can worry about it if you want but it’s not something that’s likely to have any real measurable effect on anyone or anything.

Go here if you want the maths.

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