Went down to Auckland to Lynn’s son’s wedding. Stayed at the Tank Farm near the Westhaven Marina on the Auckland waterfront. About 20 vans and busses parked up over night. Nice place to stay as is close to the Viaduct. Signs say that you are allowed to park for 3 hours at all times. Was told that about once every couple-a-three weeks the council sends in a traffic warden during the day who puts a chalk mark on your tyre and if you are still there three hours later writes out a parking ticket. Seems that they tolerate night time park-overs but make sure that everyone moves on every couple of weeks. An apparently benign policy.

Next morning fishing activity. Saw a 35 cm schnapper caught.

Went for a walk the next morning into Queen Street. First site of the Cloud, a much better sight in the flesh than I expected.

Spooky ship, named Arctic. Not sure what it was doing down here in this part of the world. Expected secret agents to jump out and say “give me your camera.”

Giant yellow beaded necklace (Tuna net float line)

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