Spent Sunday night in Auckland at Viv and Lynn’s place at Buckland’s Beach. Monday we decided to fit an insect/fly screen to the bus as I was going to spend a bit to time on the West Coast, Golden Bay and the Catlins, all known for ferocious sandflies. Lynn very graciously devoted all of Monday morning helping me install one insect screen that he donated, on the rear side window. Have included some shots of his workshop and the cars outside. There is a Camaro and a Maserati outside the workshop next door, and a few shots of Lynn’s interior and tools in his workshop.

Here is a pic of the NZ designed V8 that he is building and helping to develop. They have sold about 15 of these 2.4L motors to midget racing car drivers. It consist of the heads and cylinder bores of two separate 1200cc Kawasaki motorbike engines melded onto NZ designed pistons, cam shaft, crank, and lower case, . Goes like stink.

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