Borland Road to Manapouri’s South Arm

Had always wanted to check out the Borland Road, over the Borland Saddle and down the Grebe Valley to Manapouri’s South Arm. Very narrow in places and as I have a narrow bodied bus thought I would give it a go.

Basically it is a climb from 200 meters at the Borland Lodge to the top of the Borland Saddle which is about 990 meters. Then a long narrow drop to South Arm which is at 200 meters. No matter which vehicle you are in there are places you don’t want to meet someone else.

The worst part of the road is straight after the Grebe Valley lookout. Here the road is hacked out of a vertical rock wall. There is a vertical drop off from about 700 meters to under 400 meters on the Valley floor. Surely tested me and because of the drop off, glad I did not have to back up to let someone pass.

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4 Responses to Borland Road to Manapouri’s South Arm

  1. Ruth says:

    Wow, I’m very glad you didnt meet any other cars! Amazing countryside!

  2. Harvey says:

    Hi Ruth, for the 2 or 300 meters with the steep drop off I was glad too. I would not have wanted to back up there.

  3. Dave Gibb says:

    Saw your bus parked in Te Anau but by the time I had found a park for the caravan and walked back you had gone… Have to catch up some day. We are parked at Clyde now but heading back to Chch via Tekapo park tomorrow.

    • Harvey says:

      Currently at Waiau River Mouth in Te Wae Wae Bay amongst the whitebaiter’s caravans. Catch you next time maybe.

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