Broken Hills Doc Camp

Stopped at Broken Hills Doc camp which lies alongside the Tairua River. Up a very narrow valley and is the site of an old mining town and is presently uninhabited. Not a lot of room on the valley floor, which suggests the only way is up, if one wants to go for a walk. Very steep country as you can see from the rocks towering above the camp site.

There was a settlement of about 200 by 1912. However about 2 years latter the production of the gold mine tailed off and by 1923 it had ceased.

The “highway to heaven.” Lots of verticality today which was good for the knees. Felt like I had done a lot of work when I finally turned around. Got myself a little bushwhacked when I decided to be different and go in the opposite direction on an unmarked track (most unusual for me). All is well that ends well. At least I new that down was the way back to civilisation.

Passed old deserted mining tunnel entrances. Most of these are blocked off to keep the inquisitive safe, except for Collins Drive which is about 500 meters long.

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