Copeland Track

After Munro’s Beach called in to the start of the Copeland Pass track. This track runs from the Westcoast over the Copeland Pass and down to Mount Cook and is one of the ways to cross the Main Divide. It lets you know really early that it is not one of those wide well formed tracks that attract a lot of tourist. Very gnarly. Lots of walking over dried up creek beds and rocky paths. Most definitely need good boots for this one and a decent set of ankles. (I’ve got nice calves too. No you can’t have a photo.) Really was a wonderful walk, found it testing and a real challenge for an old fellow like me.

Stopped when I got to the first flat bit after an hour and had something to eat down by the river.

Had to make my way around the bottom of this somewhat steep bluff.

Classic Westcoast red lichen. Never seen it anywhere else.

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