Couple of UK shots

Seriously cool 36 ft boat at Henley

This was at Henley where some people are obviously well off, this was built in Sweden and was 36 feet long and moved like a dream through the water. I was most envious. Did not seem to have a wake while gliding along.

Our 1989 Eriba-car by Hymer. Quite a wonderful little van, everything worked well and it was well thought out. I did not have as much faith in the Renault chassis that it was built on, was starting to rust and the radiator system was archaic as there was no radiator cap and the overflow container had to be removed from its fitting and held up in the air to fill with water. It lasted the distance – 3 months. When I came to sell it I had to drive it from Mile End Rd to the other side of the Thames to get a warrant, as it had to have a new warrant to be sold. This required leaving a 6 o’clock in the morning. I was sitting outside the Garage waiting for it to open when someone cycled past, stopped,turned around and knocked on my window and asked did I know anyone who wanted to sell one of these. Truly I felt blessed, had sold it by the end of the day!

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