Don’t panda to pandas

Interesting take on the pandas arriving at a Scottish Zoo. It is pointed out that these animals are money spinners and no one is interested in having more of them around. All those buying panda toys are perpetuating keeping them locked up.

What no-one is saying is the unwelcome truth; these animals are money-spinners, and no-one in authority is seriously interested in saving them because if they did that they wouldn’t be worth as much.

In return the zoo bosses are paying the People’s Republic of China £6.4m over 10 years, some of which may go on conservation but probably not all of it, and none of which is going to make a damn bit of difference to the pandas.

The zoo is predicting one million extra visitors a year and its ticket website crashed. The First Minister of Scotland has flown to Beijing in some kind of bizarre exchange trip to praise Sino-Scots business deals (will he be expected to breed while he’s there?) and people have been lining the streets in panda hats to welcome the new inmates.

From Fleet Street Fox

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