Greymouth to Arthurs Pass

Left Greymouth and set of for Arthurs Pass/Oriria Gorge. Stopped in Kumara, sleepy little village and drove up to Dilmans Dam at the top of a small hill where there is park over spot. No wind.

Just before the sart of the Otiria Gorge is the incredibly steep cleft on the mountains.

Arthurs Pass, and the Otiria George that leads up to it, were covered in low mist with driving rain. The start of the pass is that narrow cleft in the mountains in the bottom of the picture. It was much steeper that I thought it would be especially near the top. Have not shots of the top of the pass, but it is spectacular. Was in my starting off gear at one stage, it was steep coming from the West.

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2 Responses to Greymouth to Arthurs Pass

  1. ir says:

    Great images
    are ya having fun?

  2. Harvey says:

    Thanks for comments about the pics. Great time, great fun. Just been chased out of Arthur’s Pass by North westerlies, gusts hitting from all angles because of the hills around and the rain clouds coming in having followed me from Arthur’s Pass. Currently in Springfield which is a shock to the system – civilization. (Yes I will look out for him.)

    Have not been around mown lawns and people in this number for a long time. Trouble with this side of the island is that it is full of people and flat. They forecast 10 straight days of rain on the West Coast so thought it a good idea to change sides. Would have liked to spend three days at various campsites in the Pass but weather too shit.

    Have a Merry New Year.


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