Heading North Again

Looking north to Kaiaua from Ray’s Rest on a windy day.

Woke up in Paeroa in the yard outside the Truck and Engineering workshop expecting my replacement water pump to arrive at 8:30. No such luck, it was sent to Te Aroha about 20 kilometers away, so had to sit there and wait until it was redirected back to its correct destination. It finally arrived at 10:30 so the work could start. At least this time it was the correct one. Good bunch of guys who seem to know their stuff.

Was back on the road at about 1:30, motor running like a dream without the loud knocking noise that the damaged water pump used to produce. Yippee! Drove through to Kaiaua, or Ray’s Rest. Very strong Nor-Westerly blowing here, the bus is rocking back and forth in the gusts. 35 knots according to the marine weather forecast. I am sure that the gusts would be hitting 45 knots.

At least the wind is not blowing in the door.

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