Port Jackson

The road is an experience in itself. Bumpy, windy, gravel and steep in places. Good for the soul if you like a bit of adventure. About three hours from Thames as there was a cycle race running around the end of the peninsular. Port Jackson camp ground stretches along the waterfront so was able to pull up with only a few metres between me and the water – unobstructed views. Plenty of trees around and not too crowded at this time of the year.

Went to Kauraerangi Doc camp just behind Thames after Port Jackson. Enjoyed a long cycle up the road from the bottom camp. Found out the next day that my fridge had stopped working and everything was going off. Being a wuss I tucked my tail between my legs and shot off back to Kerikeri. Pulled the fridge out of the van and turned it upside down for 24 hours. this is the standard treatment for non-working convection fridges, removes the bubbles that sometimes build up in the system. Put it back in the bus and joy and blessing were offered as it fired up and got cold once more.

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