Marble Hill Campground

The Marble Hill Doc Camp is at Springs Junction. Stayed a couple of night here on my way through to Christchurch, lured by the thought of more sunshine in Christchurch.

First morning was low cloud but beautiful clarity and at about 7:30 am I sat in my chair outside the bus and took photos, a sort of Gentleman’s Photography Trip. Didn’t even have to stand up.

Then walked for half an hour or so up the Daniel River until I came to a clearing. Got out my trusty Drone and had a little play. Starting to enjoy it a lot more and there is less worry about pranging it into a tree.

Marble Hill is about 20 kms from the top of Lewis Pass and a good stopover point. For humans and for small black insects that have been waiting for the humans to arrive.

Those who have a Zen Mind are able to ignore the insects, those who have a guilty past will be consumed.

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