Midsummers Day

Went to the Peak District in the UK and discovered Cromford where Richard Arkwright set up the Spinning Jenny and started modern factory weaving, here powered by a water wheel. Note the Beige Beast (our campervan) parked in the main street.

Sir Richard Arkwright transformed the small village of Cromford when he established his cotton spinning mills here between 1771 and 1784. He built houses for the workers, a hotel, a new corn mill and established a market. Willersley Castle and St Mary’s Church were started by him and finished after his death on 3 August 1792.

Personally it looked a cold hole to me, you can see the smoke from the coal fires and this was Midsummer Day. Lots of crazy Welsh Morris dancers in town, celebrating Midsummer Day by driving around in buses and stopping at pubs and drinking heaps. A weird lot.

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