Morrison’s Bush

Just north of Martinborough is Morrison’s Bush. Have to drive through a farm to get down to the river. Lots of large kanuka. Five dollars a night, peace guaranteed.

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4 Responses to Morrison’s Bush

  1. Beth Read says:

    Can I bring my 2 tiny Maltese Terriers?
    I assume a spade is mandatory as no toilet.
    Is the river fishable?

  2. Harvey says:

    You need a spade or to be self-contained, i.e. onboard toilet.
    Dogs OK except in months July/Aug.
    River is fishable.
    Very peaceful and you can park with a river view.
    Need to phone in advance.

  3. peter crabb says:

    Harvey- cannot get you on the phone??. My Hotmail e-mail not working over here. In Hamilton now- thinking of coming your way sunday/Monday 26/27. On sisters mobile 0210550975,
    I will keep trying to contact. But if you read this in time contact please. Peter

    • Harvey says:

      Pete have tried ringing you and get “message cancelled” message. Have sent text to see if that gets through. Your hotmail should work as that’s the idea, works all over the world. Try texting me too. Harvey

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