An example of my first ever car

1937 four door ford V8. A brilliant car which took four years of abuse from a younger me. Doubled as place to sleep when on the road and a grandstand at Pukekohe Grand Prix, with four oafs standing on the roof to get a better view. That was real steel. I must admit that mine looked a little more used. Don’t ever buy a car with cable brakes!

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  1. Grant Henderson says:

    Harvey, your car photo also brought back a few good memories for me, once the proud owner in my teens of first a 37 Chevy coupe then a 39er. Grant

    • Harvey says:

      Our mutual friend Lynn Rogers had to swallow his pride and go to the Motor Races at Bay Park in Tauranga back in the 60’s in the Ford V8. Can’t quite remember why we took my car, but it certainly was a change from the hot little Hillman Imp he was using at the time. It couldn’t have been more different, as it was two-tone and had patches in three other colours – very uncool to a motorsport enthusiast.

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