Currently holed up at the RV center in Paeroa. My trusty bus developed a rattle on the way up from Taupo and with Lynn’s help have discovered that my water Pump bearing has totally crapped out and sounds like a box of nuts and bolts and is too dangerous to drive any further. Have gone to Grey’s Truck and Engineering firm and he is getting a pump in for me tomorrow and will fit it in the morning and hopefully I will be on my way. I had been going to Simpson’s Beach near Whitianga with Lynn and Viv, will see how late in the day we get finished.

This has been the site of a large fire that destroyed 10 motorhomes that were stored in a shed, bit sad really. A lot of old motorhomes for sale out in the yards, mainly fairly old buses of uncertain parentage. Think I will say no and stick with what I’ve got.

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