Poolburn Dam

Poolburn Dam was bult in the Great Depression. It supplies irrigation water to farmers further down the Ida Valley. Spent three days here, getting up early to catch the sunrise. It is reasonably high, near the top of the Rough Ridge. I can see how it got that name. No snow at this time of the year but could be cold and miserable in the middle of winter I am sure.

I said in the video that there were about 20 cribs or fisherman’s huts but that is wrong, probably nearer 40. It is about an hour and a quarter out of Alexandra depending on which way you go.

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4 Responses to Poolburn Dam

  1. Dave Gibb says:

    That was a magical still day that you were there. Haven’t seen the reservoir that still in all the times I have been up there..

    • Harvey says:

      Hi Dave, that was very early in the morning before the usual winds came along. As you know it can be windy up there.

  2. Mark Clarke says:

    Were staying there in Feb one year. Beautiful day and magic scenery, but morning came with a -5 frost and so dead crankers . after waiting a day, a lovely chap arrived in Hi Lux and towed us the 3m to downhill start, thence Alex. Have been back since and still magic.

    • Harvey says:

      That’s pretty tough for February. I’ve been lucky with the weather so far but can see that it could change very quickly.

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