The Northern Bank of the Clutha River

A mostly gravel track from Beaumont, near Lawrence, to Millers Flat near Roxburgh. A narrow bridge limits the size of vehicles as they say it is 1.9 meters wide, but if you are careful, you can get through if you are 2.2 meters like me.

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4 Responses to The Northern Bank of the Clutha River

  1. Ruth says:

    Good thing you got across that bridge!

  2. Hi Harvey
    Thanks for the post a little earlier about Tuapeka Mouth Camp and the amazing ferry across the river. We have now experienced both and wouldn’t have found them without your blog. Now staying at the Lignite Cafe and Camp, close to Invercargill. And really enjoying our South Island trip.

    • Harvey says:

      Hi Robin and Jenny
      Yes I liked Tuapeka Mouth, friendly locals and a nice place to stay. Great to see the ferry being free to use in this day and age.

      I have gathered my clogs and hit the trail to Whangarei for Xmas with family as I have decided that I would go back down South next year. Was thinking I might have retired and settled down and grown up but I still have itchy tires, so will keep on the road for a while yet.

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