Wairau Diversion Reserve

Stayed here after I left Whatamango. The Wairau bar is a gravel bar formed where the Wairau River meets the sea East of Blenheim. It is the site of the earliest know human settlement in NZ, about 1280.

The examination showed that the people were using the same cultural methods as those in eastern Polynesia, particularly the Marquesas Islands. 69 adzes were found at Wairau Bar with only 3 being made of greenstone. 80 small, one piece,triangular, stone or bone fishing lures with lashed unbarbed hook were found.

In 1963 the river had a diversion put in to handle the over flow, so it ran in a more or less straight line from State Highway 1 to where the diversion met the sea. This shingle on the river banks is where a lot of whitebaiters camp during the season and where I stayed.

If video is jerky because you have a slow connection, either turn off HD or hit pause and wait until the video has downloaded a bit more then hit play again.

Wairau Diversion Reserve from Harvey Jones on Vimeo.

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