Found a new freedom camping spot on the East Cape Trip. Cooking oil does tend to run to one side of the pan though.

Was coming out out the Doc camp at Anaura Bay and turning onto the road at about 5km/hr AND entering a place name into GPS when ever-so gently I parked the bus in the ditch. Luckily a local bee keeper in his 4X4 truck came along. Popped out really easily, without any damage what-so ever, except to my pride.

Moral: don’t try to enter a long place name into your GPS when turning a corner!

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4 Responses to Woops!!

  1. Oh dear Harvey, a little oopsie it seems. Hopefully you managed to escape from that predicament and get going again.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  2. Harvey says:

    Yes, escaped with no damage and a very gentle tug from a couple of bee keepers in their 4X4 truck. Was a bit frightening to see my front wheel off the ground. Bit of a lucky escape and a lesson to be learned there.

  3. Dave Gibb says:

    Why are you in such a hurry that you cannot stop to enter place names into your GPS!!!! You might not be so lucky next time and I would deprived of one of my favourite blogs!! Glad you got out of this one OK anyway… Cheers

    • Harvey says:

      Lessons have been learned Dave. Not as clever as I thought I was. Was only 5km/hr is my only excuse.

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