A & G Price, Thames

Found these guys lying in a yard in Thames, past their use-by date. A & G Price have many large sheds that would have been needed for all their engineering work in the past, but much less so these days.

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  1. They look like the old over night train set that used to travel between Auckland and Wellington. Fell foul of diminishing demand and the need to remove asbestos and no-one wishing to do the job. Think the train was called the “Silver Star”. Some of the carriages were sold overseas and became the Asian version of the “Orient Express”.


    • Harvey says:

      The buildings cover a vast area and now are just a quiet reflection of what must have been, in those old days they would have been doing really big engineering works and they manufacture locomotives on this site.

      I think you are right Robin about the Silver Star. From Wikipedia: “In 1990 A & G Price regauged 24 of the Silver Star carriages to metre gauge (1000 mm) for running in Malaysia Singapore and Thailand as the Eastern and Oriental Express. Six carriages from this train were stored at Price’s Thames workshop in case any extra carriage conversions were required. As of 2013, these carriages remained on-site at Thames, five of which are listed onthe New Zealand Rolling Stock Register page for NZR passenger carriages.”

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