The Gentle Annie, Kuripapango DOC Camp and the Kaweka Ranges

Left the Kaimanawas and decided to do the Gentle Annie through to Napier. Both the start and end of this road from Tahape to the Hawke’s Bay are rolling to steep farmland. The bit in the middle climbs over the Kaweka Range and is steep and rugged, and a lot has been planted in pines, but no big deal as the road is tarseal all the way. There are just a lot of corners.

Farmland heading toward the Kaweka Range. High-country sheep stations like Erewhon and Springvale populate this road. Tough and bleak country which seems to farm merino sheep. Did not see any cattle.

Hard country in the tops.

Stayed at a relatively new Doc camp at Kuripapango on the Hawke’s Bay side of the Kawekas, with steep faced hills all around. Campground is pretty basic but lots of space and best if one camps among the tent sites.

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  1. We must have almost passed one another as we did the road yesterday, (two Caravans). We missed the DOC Camp (we were going towards Taihape) and anyhow can’t stay at a DOC camp with a cat on board. This was the first time on this road, quite steep in parts. Getting nearer to Taihape we were amazed at the the high country vistas. We always enjoy your fabulous photos.


  2. Harvey says:

    Hi Robin and Jenny, remarkable that we were that close and going in different directions. Yes, I had trouble finding it as I had downloaded the GPS files from the NZMCA and it told me the camp was about 1 km back up the road at the DOC headquarters which said no camping, so I said to hell with it, and continued on toward Napier. There it was further down the road.
    You must have a good tow wagon as some of those hills would have given you a good testing. An amazing lot of green hills in the farming areas.

    Thanks for the complement.


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