Poolburn Dam

Poolburn Dam was bult in the Great Depression. It supplies irrigation water to farmers further down the Ida Valley. Spent three days here, getting up early to catch the sunrise. It is reasonably high, near the top of the Rough Ridge. I can see how it got that name. No snow at this time of the year but could be cold and miserable in the middle of winter I am sure.

I said in the video that there were about 20 cribs or fisherman’s huts but that is wrong, probably nearer 40. It is about an hour and a quarter out of Alexandra depending on which way you go.

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The trip up Lake Ohau to the Hopkins and the Dobson Rivers

Picked a perfect day for the trip up the western side of Lake Ohau near Twizel. All the shots you see in the first third of the video were taken at about 3:30 in the afternoon and the surface of the lake was still without a ripple. I stayed the first night at the Round Bush Doc camp.

The next day I drove as far up the lake as I could until the road looked as though it would remove my grey-water plumbing from under the bus. The lake splits into the Hopkins and Dobson rivers at this point. I cycled up the Hopkins Valley from where I left the bus for about another hour. It really is a privilege to be able to see and enjoy this country, all you need is the strength to endue 40 kms of very dusty gravel road.

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Seen in a public toilet in NZ

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Up the eastern side of Lake Pukaki

When I left Lake Tekapo I turned left after about 5 Kms and took the Braemar Road to Lake Pukaki. This is a rarely traveled gravel road that comes out halfway up Lake Pukaki. There is a further 20 or 30 kms of gravel to Mount Cook Station. This is a very isolated farm on the opposite side of the lake to Mount Cook Village. I’m a lucky man; wonderful weather, absolutely no wind, brilliant sunshine, crisp clear and pristine views. All my movie shots looked like stills.

Sorry about the long long blank bit at the end, I can’t fix as my Hard Drive was full and had to delete my FCP X files and can’t go back and edit it away.

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