Old video, very clever

Harry Anderson shoves a needle through his arm.

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The Road to the old Hicks Bay Wharf

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea as a large part is just of the state of the road into the wharf, but I thought it interesting as I did not know what was around the corner.

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Found a new freedom camping spot on the East Cape Trip. Cooking oil does tend to run to one side of the pan though.

Was coming out out the Doc camp at Anaura Bay and turning onto the road at about 5km/hr AND entering a place name into GPS when ever-so gently I parked the bus in the ditch. Luckily a local bee keeper in his 4X4 truck came along. Popped out really easily, without any damage what-so ever, except to my pride.

Moral: don’t try to enter a long place name into your GPS when turning a corner!

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Urchin Campsite Revisited

Thanks to Blake Rapley for the picture below.

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East Cape Trip

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Trip To Waikaremoana

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Urchin Campsite

Urchin Campsite is in the Kaimanawa Range, off Desert Road, on the Eastern side heading South. It is a DOC Camp and these days is getting more popular as people how are going to do the Tongariro Crossing use it as a staging post when they are leaving the next day.

Lots of good walks and lovely old growth bush.

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Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

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The Mighty Waikato River

Spending a couple of days at Mangakino, staying at the Matekuri Reserve which is an island that juts out into the Waikato River.

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Cobra Gypsies

Excellent, colourful documentary about Cobra Gypsies in Rajasthan.

“Filmmaker Raphael Treza traveled to northern India and lived among an ancient tribe known as the Kalbeliya for three months. Cobra Gypsies is the vibrant and enlightening document of that journey. The Kalbeliyas are a highly spirited people; ebullient in their celebration of life and colorful custom. Although many of them have never before met a foreigner prior to Treza’s arrival at their camps, the tribes-people seem unguarded in their enthusiasms to share their culture.”

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