Paradise to Kinloch

Left Lake Diamond and traveled further up the Paradise Road until I hit a ford that had a lot of large rocks in the middle and called it a day. Picked up a couple of Dutch hitch-hikers who had left their car at a previous ford and dropped them off so they could get to the start of the Dart River Track. Road ended up right into the Dart River valley, was a magic day.

Then went south to the Greenstone track end and spent the night. Unfortunately it had received the DOC make-over and the campsite had been converted into a car park. Went for a three hour walk the next day up the Greenstone Valley. Feel really privileged to have seen these areas, though most of the other walkers are tourists from overseas.

The following day went back to Kinloch at the head of lake Wakatipu and parked right by the lake edge. Couldn’t think of a reason to move on the next day so didn’t.

Usual story: about 25 MB to download. If it stalls either click pause and leave it a minute or so and then play OR click on the HD icon in the video to select a lower resolution. Looks better in full screen

Paradise to Kinloch from Harvey Jones on Vimeo.

From Paradise to Kinloch

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