Going through the Nevis Crossing in a Motorhome

Fords along the Nevis Crossing from Harvey Jones on Vimeo.

A week ago Lynn and I did the Nevis Crossing from North to South. Above is a link to the video of some of the more interesting spots you might encounter.

Some points about the journey

1. At about 1:30 in the video there is a steep downhill which does not look much in the video (wide angle lens) but in reality was a point at which both Lynn and I thought independently, that it was a point of no return, as it was too steep. If you have done the Nevis Crossing from South to North I would be interested how you found this part. This steep part is before the majority of the fords, so there is the potential to get stuck in the middle.

2. Fords on the whole were easy in and a little steeper coming out on the south side. Stay away if raining. Only one ford required some building up with rocks and the laying of some heavy duty outside mats from the motorhomes. Quite a few fords required a fair bit of thought and some wading.

3. There is approximately 75 Kms of gravel road on the nevis Crossing which is mainly in good condition with a short section of 200 meters with 4 fords that closely resembles a river bed but is OK if taken slowly.

4. You do not want long overhangs

5. Have fun and take your time – allow six hours driving.

6. The hill coming into the track from Bannockburn and the hill down to Garston at the end, both are VERY steep and windy.

7. The section of gorge in the middle alongside the Nevis Crossing is very narrow and tricky if you meet anyone. We were lucky as was late in afternoon and all sensible people had been through the track.

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