Cambrian is the remains of an early gold mining town near St Bathans in Central Otago, about 40 Kms north of Alexandra. It is said that it is a wonderful place that you will never want to leave, until you have experienced a winter there. It was originally know as Welshman’s Gully and was one of the first places in Otago where they found gold. However there was another town nearby also called Welshman’s Gully so they changed the name to Cambrian, after the Roman name for Wales, Cambria.

There are lots of Welsh styled cottages there, many constructed of mud brick.

Got chatting to this guy, Bob, who had been living there since 1987. Note, even though built of mud, there are no eaves on the roof and it’s still standing. Eat your heart out you rain sodden North Islanders. He did say he was once watering his tomatoes that were planted against the side of the house and got into some trouble with some large wet patches.

If you know anything about Geology you will get this. I initially thought it was named Cambrian because there were lots of fossils up there, but was wrong.

The old schoolhouse.

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