Cosy Nook and Mullet Bay

Cosy Nook is West of Riverton. A house was initially built on the Southland coast by the retired Harbour Master from Bluff, who named it after his old Scottish village, Cozy Neuk. Forgive the fact the the world is tilting as is apparent in those shots that have an horizon. Can’t have perfection on the web site and perfection in the holiday I am having.

Mullet Bay is the very next bay West from Cosy Nook and was the site of an old Maori village of about 40-50 whares. Until the 1960’s Mullet Bay was the base for up to 7 fishing boats working Foveaux Straight and there are slipways where the boats were hauled out. The small baches were apparently built by fishermen and do not have tittles and cannot be altered. I talked to one guy whose lived here as a child and his father used to fish from here last in the 1960s. He said they would go out into the straight for 35 minutes to pick up cray pots, the weather would change, and it would take 3 hours to get back. It is possible to see Stewart Island in the background and one can see why it was a fishing base because of the shelter that is available. I was lucky that I was there on a couple of calm days. Directly South is Antarctica. This is looking out of the sheltered bay into Foveaux Strait

Group of Cribs near the entrance, sheltered from the West and the South and get the early morning sun.

Around the corner in Foveaux Straight

The next morning I met Mark who is living in one of the cribs, as they call them down there, who was checking his traps for stoats, weasels, rats etc. He has owned his crib for about 16 years and does car restoration/you name it, in a nearby town, Orepuki. He’s thinking of buying a Bedford. He is the sort of guy who can fix anything and is full of ideas. We spent quite a bit of time discussing this and that. Thanks Mark. This is his hut where he lives.

Nearby crib.

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