DOC camp at Kohaihai

Left Denniston and drove north, up past Karamea, to the end of the road, where the Heaphy track comes out of the bush and meets civilization again. There is a DOC camp there which is one of the most scenic in NZ. Can only stay a max of 2 nights and there are limited parking spaces for motorhomes. Be prepared for sandflies in the early mornings and the evenings.

It is a glorious place and the Heaphy track is easily accessible. It is quite gentle walking for the first couple of hours.

Harvey’s idea of Heaven.

Looking back at the campsite from the Heaphy Track.

Early morning at Kohaihai

Looking toward the mouth of the Heaphy River from the swing bridge.

River Mouth

Nikau Nirvana

Kohaihai Beach

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2 Responses to DOC camp at Kohaihai

  1. Keith says:

    Stunning scenery there Harv…

    • Harvey says:

      And not a lot of people. qquite a few leaving or arriving on the Heaphy track, but only one other van and a guy or two in a tent. Oh, and several sandflies when the rain and showers came along. Be warned!

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