Doing the Charleston

Spent the last three nights near Charleston on the West Coast. Drove 6 ks up a side road until I got to the Paparao National Park. Massive limestone bluffs are right next to the campsite on the Nile River (its brown not blue this one.) Used by the locals at Xmas and New Year as party central during the day, but they all go home at night leaving me and one other.

Has a swimming hole which I tried out. Noticed all the kids had their wetsuits on and thought everyone is afraid of the sun these days until I jumped in. My poor old white body rapidly executed a u-turn and I was out. I didn’t have to brush away ice floes, but it felt like it could have been a problem. Weather over Xmas was absolutely perfect, no clouds but still the water had not warmed up. Put in some serious walks and bike rides for an old fellow, and the bush was wonderfully cool and moist. Meant to rain a little tonight but we will see.

Off to Fox River tomorrow and will go for a walk to two and spend the night there.


Backdrop to campsite


Further up the river

An island too itself

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