Getting low on Fuel, rescued in Ross

Left Okarito and headed north intending to stay at a couple of DOC camps but noticed that I probably did not have enough fuel to make any side trips so gently rolled on to HariHari, but the gas station was closed. Finally able to refill in Ross when the guage was bang on Empty, and in the Nissan it means it when it says empty, I know from experience.

Did not have my camera with me, but saw a guy wheel his lawnmower up to the petrol pump and refilled the tank straight from the pump. Classic. Pumps were outside an old grocery store that was for sale. Ross looks as though tourism is its future and I think that conventional business is on the decline. Plenty of people around. Checked out a pottery shop where a nice lady with a few years on the clock had bought the building, had a large workshop, a shop and accommodation upstairs. I would think that buidings are cheap. Hey presto, I found it on TradeMe. All for 239K.

Did not like the park over at Ross so rolled on to Hokitika and stayed in camp campground run by a lady who looked as though she had just swallowed a dead rat. It could have been looking at me of course.

Hokitika has preserved a few classic old buildings.

Those Christians must have had a bob or two in the old days

This town once had a lot of money.

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