Greymouth, and then?

Finally have returned to Greymouth. Have essentially gone right around the South Island now, only missing out the Kaikoua coast. I am afraid, and glad, that Northland beckons. I am heading for Blenheim, then on to Picton and the North Island.

Have enjoyed writing this blog, enjoyed your company and I hope you have enjoyed the images as much as I have enjoyed finding them. Returning to Kerikeri too see what the world offers. Will keep you posted on how the trip goes.

Keep on trucking!

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4 Responses to Greymouth, and then?

  1. Keith says:

    So I guess we’ll see you in the far north sooner rather than later… or whenever… at Rangiputa, the fish are biting…

    • Harvey says:

      Currently at Tukino on the Desert Road and heading North. Your reputation as a fisherman is spreading through out the North I am sure. Glad it all came together.

  2. Do hope that you keep writing and posting your wonderful photos when you return north. We have only recently discovered your blog and enjoy seeing our beautiful country through your eyes.

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