Off to Okarito

Generally a well to do settlement just north of Franz Joseph Glacier. Excellent motorcamp run by the local community. $10 bucks a night, with hot showers for an extra $1. Took a walk up to the trig station which gave a view of the lagoon on the north side of the river where the white herons live. Apparently the mouth of the river tends to silt up, and then the rain can cause the town to flood, so many houses have a second story or are raised about a meter off the ground. Met a couple of hard case ladies who invited me in for a cuppa, some lunch and entertaining conversation. Hi Lynda and Pat.

View from trig station. North side of river only accessible by boat or canoe.

Most buildings in town are very well maintained. Shot of old hostel.

Building on wharf. Not so well maintained, but may be for effect.

Remnants of old wharf. Or rising sea levels?

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3 Responses to Off to Okarito

  1. We were in Okarito last year and took a Lagoon trip. Beautiful scenery and saw plenty of wild life. This is a lovely peaceful place.

  2. Harvey says:

    Was a very pleasant place, could almost live there if I wasn’t so addicted to the Bay of Islands area and the sunshine up there.

  3. Keith says:

    Aren’t you having fun… you’ll be doing guided tours next…

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