Te Anau to Milford

Drove to Te Anau in the heat of the afternoon on a really hot day. Was very tetchy about the lack of freedom camping available, the dump station that did not work, and the very tiring heat. Stayed at a LCP for 5 dollars. They were out and left me alone which was good, did not even hear them come back.

Left Early the next morning for Milford Sound. Don’t care what anyone says this must be one of the most spectacular drives in the whole world. Simply stunning. Walked up to see the run-off from Lake Marion, very steep and fast flowing river.
A few shots along the way.

Eglington Valley.

Mirror lakes

Getting there.

View to the side of the Hommer Tunnel entrance.

Obligatory shot of Mitre Peak. Milford Sound was jam-packed with vehicles but very few people. they were all out on the boats looking at the sound. There is nowhere to overnight in a camper van unless you stay in a hotel. Basically it has become a one-day in-out destination unless you have the bucks. Left fairly shortly after arrival as I was more interested in the Hollyford Valley on the way in. Road in was awe inspiring in every way.

Gertrude Saddle. walked some way uo this valley, want to come back better prepared one day and walk on up to the saddle which goes off to the left. Magic mountains.

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