The Hump Track

At the end of Te Waewae Bay the road runs out and thee Hump track starts. The hump is a large hill that rises from sea level and rises way up into the Southern Fiordland mountains.
I went for walk along the Hump Track for an hour or so (instead of the 3 day loop track). Lovely bush and the first part is level and very pleasant. The track drops down to sea level and suddenly a river mouth appears. This is the Waikoau rider and there is about 6 cribs there on a little spit of sand, in the middle of nowhere. There is a 4WD track in and it is another case of cribs on DOC land and having tenuous titles. Basically DOC puts up with them as they have squatters rights from way-back. They cannot be sold but are inherited from another member of the family. Would be an incredible place to live, though I did see it on a wonderful summers day, if could be windswept and cold in winter I am sure.


Strange tree, very vertical.

After an hour in the bush it is quite a surprise to see this little group of cribs at Waikoau.

Groovy crib.


Remnants of last Moa in Fiordland. (I think its a seal)

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3 Responses to The Hump Track

  1. Keith says:

    Some wonderful photo images Harv…

  2. Hi Harvey
    We found your blog a wee while ago, and want to say how much we enjoy your fabulous photos and descriptive writing. You are showing us lots of wonderful places off the beaten track . Great stuff!

    • Harvey says:

      Thanks for that Robin and Jenny, good to get some positive feed back. Am checking your blog out too. Keep on trucking.

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