Waiau Mouth and the road to the Hump

Left Mullet Bay and drove to a place called Waiau Mouth, the west side of the mouth of the Waiau River and spent the night overlooking the beach. This first shot shows the view in the early morning and the range in the backgroun is where I was heading that day, to the Hump Track. The track is a three day walk, I got the cheap version and only did 3 hours. This track is right at the end of Te Waewae Bay where the road runs out.

Early scenes at Waiau Mouth.

Then I drove to Bluecliff Beach and the car park at the end of the public road. On the way went through Rowellan Burn.

House by the Burn.

The road used to run from Rowallan Burn along the coast to the start of the Hump Track but erosion has washed the road away and one needs to go inland to get there now. Still a nice drive and the walk is fabulous. This coast is so good that I can see I am going to run out of superlatives soon!

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