Waimangaroa – at the bottom of the Denniston Incline

Waimangaroa is at the bottom of the Denniston Incline. This is where the coal skips ended up and the coal was then railed to Wesport. The bridal track opened in 1984, prior to this all access was by coal trucks on the incline. With the opening of the road in 1902, there was less need to live up in the clouds in the cold, icy and windy plateau near the mines. Waimangaroa became the service town for the workers at the top of the incline.

It could be said to have declined a bit since the closing of the mine in 1959. It is a nice little spot in the sunshine and I have not been fair in selecting some of the more alternative housing options, it is not all like this, I just think it has a certain charm.

A little more work needed.

Got there, keeping that rain out.

Possibly this town has cornered the world market in used roofing iron.

One for Keith

My end of town

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  1. Keith says:

    Oh Yes!
    That is wonderful Harv!
    What is it? An old Leyland?
    Do tell me you’re thinking of trading the Nissan in for that… go on, please…

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